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Regenerative Medicine Workshop

The International Society of Regenerative Medicine (ISRegen) is dedicated to bringing latest evidence-based regenerative medicine research, techniques, and practice management to its members.  



ISRegen is to be the most authoritative voice of Regenerative Medicine to all specialties globally.  Our expert faculty is comprised of some of the leading physicians and researchers from around the world.  Serving our members through various modes of education to ensure our members have the latest information and techniques to better treat their patients and run their practice in a multitude of different specialties.

About Us

Advisory Board

The International Society of Regenerative Medicine's purpose is to bring the latest research, techniques, and practice management to our members through workshops, webinars, online content, and collaboration with other healthcare practitioners in their field.  ISRegen is guided and directed by its Advisory Board.


The International Society of Regenerative Medicine's Advisory board is comprised of leading Physicians, Scientists, and Researchers in the area of regenerative medicine.  Subcommittees within the Advisory Board work on specific content within the area's of Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, and Orthopedic specialties.  Any content or lecture disseminated by ISRegen is first approved by the Advisory Board prior to it being presented.

Board members volunteer their time to ISRegen and receive no compensation for their generous support.  

Regenerative Medicine Workshop
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